//Trendy Tricolor Highlights

Trendy Tricolor Highlights

TriColor Highlights

Whether it is bombshell blond, fiery red or classic brunette, We can help you find the color that compliments your look.

Do you wonder how celebrities and models have the most gorgeous hair color and tints.  Well the answer is simple, they use the professionals who utilize the latest and greatest hair coloring techniques and have access to the most advanced hair coloring products.

I have been coloring hair for over 20 years and I really enjoy staying current with the latest hair coloring techniques and products.  I have also trained Morgan on these techniques and provided her some of my secrets.

In this photo, Morgan is working with Lauren Gains who is a perfect example of a young teenager that’s looking for something that sets her apart from her peers.

TriColor2This tricolor technique is very popular with all ages and provides an edge that is also very tasteful.  Lauren had some old grown out highlights that Morgan over-layed with red & chocolate brown foils and interlocked them with blond foils.  WOW, I have to say, I may need to slow down on providing Morgan my coloring secrets.

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