8. March 2012


3 Steps to Take Back Control of your Hair

It's all about ControlDo you sometimes feel you are in a daily battle with your hair?

Sometimes you win, and can walk out the door with that extra boost of confidence, knowing your hair looks great. And sometimes your hair actually wins, gets its own way, and is completely out of control. Frizzed-out? Too big? Holding on to humidity? (Just skip to the bottom of the page if this describes you more often than half the time).

It’s time to take control. But how? With so many products on the market, you really do need a professional adviser to help you navigate the best product to gain control of your individual hair type.  

To get started though, here is a quick list of what you DON’T want in your battle plan. You don’t want a product that is going to weigh your hair down, and cause more harm than good. Products with a lot of parabens (methylparaben and propylparabensare the most common), are simply not good for you or our environment.  The main benefit of the use of parabens is that they act as an antimicrobial preservative which increases the shelf life of shampoo.  There is some research  that indicates parabens are related to toxicity, breast cancer, and as it washes down the drain, can even disrupt the health of our water supply.

Another ingredient often found is the drug-store variety of shampoos is salt. Better known on the ingredients list as a surfactant, like sulfate. Salt helps the shampoo lather. So we ‘think’ it’s working better. Remember how we got convinced that big lather was better with green liquid Prell? Times have changed, and in fact, shampoos that don’t provide a big lather can actually be better!   So how do you gain control?

There are some professional approaches that we can help you with for short term and long term wins in the battle with your hair.

The first step is to consider one of two long-term smoothing treatments that work at the cellular level, deep within your hair cuticle.

We use both Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment, and Amazon Series Cysteine Smoothing Treatment. Each of these products are about the same price, and with a quick examination of your hair type we can confidently recommend the right one for you.

These treatments take frizzy hair, damaged hair, high humidity hair, and will turn your hair soft, lustrous and smooth. The Amazon Secret Muru Shampootreatment lasts about 4 months. With both of these treatments it is important to follow-up with a regular hair care routine that utilizes a compatible shampoo and conditioner. Which brings us to the second step, or the short-term solution: good products for daily care.   Daily hair care with products that can help control your hair is easy, with help from your professional adviser. Several smoothing products are on the market now. But here are a few things you should look for: a humidity blocker, a lipid barrier repair, an anti-frizz agent, and also Açaí berry extracts. Açaí is a natural anti-aging supplement and works at strengthening the cellular membranes.

We have a new shampoo and conditioner duo at the shop we are very excited about, for helping control frizz and out of control hair. It’s called Amazon Secret Muru Shampoo and Conditioner. (See our offer for a fantastic price this month). This product combo works to increase moisture in the hair, but take our the humidity in the follicles that cause the frizz. Also, neither one contain parabens or sulfates!

CHI 1 Ceramic Flat IronFinally, the third part of the battle for control is your tools. Hair straighteners, hair dryers, and curling irons all are fine for styling your hair, when used in moderation! Excess heat is not good for your hair. Tools that don’t use a ceramic element can retain high heat and ultimately will damage your hair. Find and invest in good styling tools. This may mean a little bit higher price at the time you purchase it, but in the long run, your tools are your best weapon for finishing your hair.

Making your hair picture perfect, EVERY DAY, not just once in a while, is a goal YOU can attain. Just find the right chemistry in the short and long term solutions, and have good tools for the finishing touch that will give you the confidence you deserve!

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14. June 2014


Summer Special – Redken Shades EQ

Does your hair need some shades this summer?

Redken shades eq

Well Hello to Redken Shades EQ.

Redken Shades EQ is an Equalizing Conditioning Color Gloss.


> Enhance, enrich, change, match, tone down or intensify natural or color-treated hair.
> Tone pre-lightened or highlighted hair.
> Blend or color gray, without lifting the hair’s natural pigment.


> Refresh & Renew faded mid-shaft and ends
> Restore color to highlights.
> Restore color loss that may have occurred.


> Fill over-lighted hair
> Correct uneven, brassy or too vibrant tones
> Lowlight hair when more depth is desired

Summer Special

Book your hair service before July 31 and receive the following discounts

>>Style & Cut with Redken shades EQ glaze $60 ($90 value)
>>Style & Cut with accent highlights for $60 ($100 value)

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12. April 2014


Sping Special – Free Keratin Bang Treatment

Are you ready to experience smooth, Flowing, Luxurious hair?  A Keratin Complex Smoothing Hair Treatment will infuse your hair with pure nutrients.

Keratin Complex

This revolutionary smoothing treatment has gained so much popularity that most salons now offer this service. I personally recommend the Keratin Complex by Coppola. It has produced the most significant and long-lasting results for my clients.

The Keratin Smoothing Treatment gives your hair a new chance at all the qualities of healthy smoothness, shine, strength, movement and radiance.

Keratin Complex restructures all types of hair for easier styling and better manageability.  The treatment has a durability that can last up to 6 months.  I highly recommend that where ever you go for this transforming treatment that you seek an experienced certified hair stylist.

Spring Special – Get a Free Keratin bang Treatment with a scheduled hair service.  Service must be scheduled by May 31, 2014.  Make sure to mention this special so we can schedule in 15 extra minutes for the treatment.

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16. January 2014


Valentine’s Day Hair Specials

We have two exciting Valentine’s Day Hair Specials.

Valentine's Day Hair Specials

Couples Valentine in-salon wine and style package Jan 16 – Feb 13.

Enjoy a glass of wine and some styling time with your significant other before Valentine’s Day.  While you and your guy are enjoying some wine consult with Carla on a hair style for this special season. Girls gets a little extra treatment with a super hair gloss while your man is in the chair.  This amazing package includes one man’s and one women’s haircut & style, a women’s hair gloss treatment and two glasses of wine for $57.

Give the Gift of Beauty – $100 Gift Certificate for $85

Men, not sure what to get your lady this Valentine’s day.  Are you asking the question what to get my wife for valentine’s day? OR what should I get my girlfriend for valentine’s day? Well we have the perfect gift for her.  Buy her the gift of beauty.  We are offering a $100 Gift Certificate for $85 dollars.  Gift Certificate discount expires February 13, 2014

Make your appointment or get your gift certificate by calling Carla at 864-325-8134

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7. December 2013


My Christmas Special – Get your Shine ON.

Are you Ready to Shine this Holiday Season?

Beautiful woman with long curly hairstyleShine through the Holidays and Light Up the Party.

This clear gloss from Redken will provide a shine that will leave you saying… “I never knew my hair could shine like this”.  Schedule a hair cut in December and  get a FREE hair gloss. We are using Redkens Shades EQ Gloss.

To get your free gloss, schedule a hair cut this month and make sure to mention the special when you schedule the appointment. Plan on an extra 15 minutes for your appointment.

Also, back by popular demand get a 15% Discount in December on any Moroccan oil products.  Moroccan oil makes a great Christmas gift.

Wishing You and your Family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Now, go out and make it a great Hair Holiday!

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